Dr. Per Spangfors

Consulting veterinarian / Trailblazer

Former 3-Day Event rider and marathon runner, Dr. Per Spangfors graduated veterinary school in Uppsala, Sweden and began practicing medicine in Halmstad in 1984. By 1994, Dr. Spangfors’ clinic was dedicated exclusively to performance horses and he began developing the Diagnostic Gait Analysis (DGA) concept. This concept evolved to replace traditional “flex, block and guess” techniques with scientific correlations between complex gait deviation patterns and state of the art, ultrasonographic diagnoses. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Spangfors standardized gait evaluation by using a treadmill as an observational platform and developed improved techniques for musculoskeletal ultrasonography by using superior ultrasound technology (such as the HDI 5000, Philips iU22 and Philips Epiq 7). Since developing this system, Dr. Spangfors has charted gait deviation patterns in over 50,000 horses and trained equine veterinarians across several countries, including Sweden, Italy, the United States and United Arab Emirates.  He continues to perform over 2,000 musculo-skeletal ultrasound examinations each year at his clinic, Euro-Vets. 

In addition to his extensive work in equine lameness, Dr. Spangfors founded and co-owned one of Sweden’s largest biochemistry labs (EquiLab) and, after designing the facility, served as former head of research and development for Sweden’s largest horse feed manufacturer (Krafft).

Dr. Spangfors met Dr. Devon through ranch partner and mutual friend, Fred Thomsson of Pilot Point, Texas, who cares for Dr. Spangfors interest in the reining horse industry. His daughter, Josefine Spangfors, also resides in Pilot Point and divides her time between training Euro-Vet horses and assisting in the clinic. 


Devon Livingston, DVM

Owner / Veterinarian

Dr. Devon Livingston was raised in Alabama and grew up in barns across her home state, Missouri, Georgia and Montana. A lifelong passion for learning and working with horses quickly matured into a desire to become an equine veterinarian. As a high school senior, she was  accepted into a prestigious, fast track program at Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine and consequently earned both a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Dairy Sciences (2011) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  (2014). She achieved many awards during her  academic career, including Deans and Presidents Scholar, Summa Cum Laude graduate and the American Society of Animal Science Scholastic Achievement Award. In addition, she participated in a three month Meriel-NIH Veterinary Scholar research program, served as President of  the Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and organized a veterinary student podiatry club. 

After graduation, Dr. Devon practiced as an associate at Southern Equine in Pilot Point, Texas before opening her own clinic in October  2016. In January 2017, she spent time at Dr. Spangfors' clinic in Sweden and began working with him on Trailmark Equine Clinic as soon as returning to Texas. In addition to sports medicine, her professional interests include advanced reproductive techiques and foal care. She continues to pursue advanced training through the International Society of Locomotor Pathology (ISELP), the Animal  Chiropractic Education Source (ACES) and of course visiting Euro-Vets in Sweden as often as possible.