Why DMSO works

Trailmark Equine relies heavily on many therapeutic benefits of DMSO as a safer and more effective alternative to other conventional joint medications. This link reviews many of these benefits. 

Diagnostic Gait Analysis explained

Dr. Per Spangfors of Euro-Vets in Halmstad, Sweden replaced non-specific flexion tests and nerve blocks with objective gait analysis and comprehensive ultrasound as a more efficient and sensitive approach to equine lameness. This link provides a detailed description of Dr. Spangfors novel approach. 

Importance of TMJ health

Good TMJ health is especially important in our performance horses. Chronic pain in this area can lead to faulty body biomechanics during training and the development of aversion behaviors when bridled. This article from the Horse reviews the importance of TMJ health from a veterinarian's perspective.

At Trailmark, TMJ's are routinely evaluated for inflammation or other potential problems using detailed ultrasonography. Synovial fluid is aspirated from every joint before treatment to ensure proper application of medication.